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Hack40 uses startup-inspired-methods to create businesses & Products to be quickly tested by customers and shipped to the market faster

Lean Startup Illustration – Hack40

1. Lean Startup

Implement a new project approach, based on fast prototyping, to validate a business model and a product market fit.
Gradually develop each functionality of your product/service, with the effectuation mindset.

Design Thinking – Hack40

2. Design Thinking

Drive your project with a customer centric approach. Implement a new relationship of co-creation with your users/customers.

Growth Hacking – Hack40

3. Growth Hacking

Apply digital marketing startup methods, to develop a community around your project. Convert your users into customers.
Mentoring – Hack40

4. Mentoring

Be mentored by proficient entrepreneurs who will lead you to adopt the startup mindset and culture. Make the best decisions and take action.