Experiment with new products & services for global scale.


Experiment with new products & services for global scale.

.01 Strategic Experimentation

De-risk any strategy or concept deployment with market experimentation.

To support their growth and innovation, companies constantly build and launch new business offers, customer experiences, retail concepts, CRM, brand activation…
The investment is significant, this is why it is crucial to validate its value and business model beforehand in real market conditions.

Strategic experimentation consists in building a Minimum Viable Product of a concept and to test it in 2 or 3 markets to collect consumer feedbacks:

  • Set hypothesis about business plan and product specifications
  • Engage local GMs and teams and give them startup roles
  • Protoytpe an imperfect version and assess costs and partnerships model
  • Acquire 1000 local testers with Growth Marketing and events
  • Experiment for 10 days and collect data about design, pricing, sales pitch
  • Build a report withe the “scale, iterate, pivot” matrix to make decisions
Recent use cases

Marriott APAC – Morning Ritual Program
Better embody the brand positioning of « passion » at every guest touch point of the hotel experience. Building and deploying a F&B retail concept and new guest rituals in 3 regions (India, China, Korea) to validate alignment with the new brand positioning, business model and Asian scalability.


Clarins – New Retail Program
De-risk the global growth strategy with prior prototyping in Paris and Shanghai – with 10-day pop-ups – to collect consumer feedbacks and scale, iterate or pivot every aspect of the concept before global store opening deployment.

.02 Strategy Deployment

Deploy strategies globally while managing local engagement/adoptation with the power of the startup scale methodology.

Whether it is a results driven or a culture driven strategy, the situation is very likely to become harder when applying it. From well designed consultants slides into reality.

A strong market and industry experience at global scale allows Hack40 to master pushing the impact level forward. We have the secret ingredients. We can make the strategic pillars and roadmapping meaningful from top down to bottoms up.

Global corporate leaders partner with us to achieve scalable and effective deployment because of our presence around the world coupled with 300 entrepreneur experts to tackle any hurdle.

Recent use cases

Carrefour – Customer Relationship Program
Deploy the new customer relationship strategy in 247 hypermarkets with a model of local cascading by in-store training and empowerment.


Orange – Digital Transformation Program
Deploy the Digital Transformation 2020 Strategy by prototyping and scaling a group framework of new workspaces and ways of working.

.03 Business Delivery

Deliver annual roadmaps efficiently with entrepreneurs in residence.

Our entrepreneurs are determined mentors that equip teams and leaders, helping them apply the frameworks and technics to their current projects with a focus on efficient and accelerated go-to-market.

  • Supply Chain
  • Packaging
  • Retail & Merchandising
  • Distribution channels
  • Marketing
  • Digital & CRM
  • Finance
  • Sales

The board is first aligned on what are the most urgent business priorities to tackle.

Recent use cases

Unilever – #UNIRUN
Build multi-functional internal startup teams to accelerate the go-to-market of new brands, products, e-commerce and retail distribution channels.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas – Intrapreneurship Program
Generate new revenues by having hybrid teams (bankers and digital entrepreneurs) prototype innovative products and services at startup speed.

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