The Programme

Partnering with government Agencies (KITA, KISED, …), VCs & the best Korean Accelerators, we design tailor made expansion programs to scale you business globally.

We achieve this through our model, dedicated to allowing Korean startups to grow into positions of innovation pioneers for the region, simultaneously attracting partnerships and transforming POC (Proof of Concept) opportunities.

Each programme is structured in two phases, including  local coaching/training workshops in Seoul and a 5-day delegation bootcamp in our hub: France, Singapore, US.

You can expect to:
> Glean insights into the local startup ecosystem
> Be trained and mentored on scale and market entry strategies, specific to each market: Europe – South Asia – North America
Learn business development techniques from experienced corporate leaders
> Gain privileged corporate access through our established partners: 100+
> Fine-tune your approach through strategic experimentation with real-market conditions

> A part time Hack40 business developper to accelerate partnership with distributors, tech communities and recruit new prospects.


Applications for the programme are currently open.

Programme Timeline

5 batches per year. The 3-month programme features two key phases.


Phase 1: Learn and Apply

Engage with a first 30-min call with our team to see if your startup is eligible and let us share about the business potential we assess in Europe or South Asia.

Meet our open innovation partners!

Hack40 Corporate Innovation Partners

Market-entry workshop accessible to all

Market expansion seminar

Presentation of legal and economical landscape for business, key industries opportunities and best practices for next steps.

Access the problem statements of our open innovation network of 50 leading corporates.

Hack40 Paris

Identifying tech needs and matching problem statements with the help of industry partners.

02 Phase 2: Train and Connect

6-week training workshops in Singapore and 10-day bootcamp in Paris, aimed at market expansion education and guidance.

Seoul Training Workshops

Startup workshop

Dedicated team of our mentors to coach entrepreneurs during collective workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, with a total at least 16 hours dedicated to each startup.

Paris – Singapore Bootcamp


Encompassing panel talks with VC experts, government agencies, incorporation companies and business development experts, 5 hours of coaching with your personal AvantGarde mentor, and 15 business meetings with potential clients.

Meet Hack40

Meet our 300 Entrepreneurs, 50+ Corporate Partners & 30VCs

Programme Partners

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